Product Design

This clock was made as an
exploration of partisanship in
relation to time. If we look
at partisanship more broadly,
we can see that it is a
symptom of a much larger
issue: binary opposition.

Binary opposition forces us
to see ways of thinking as
dichotomies--black and white,
conservative and liberal, us
and them--erasing everything
that lies in-between.



At 12 o'clock, all colored
sections of the clock will be
aligned so that only the
black and white sections are
visible. Over time, the yellow, 
cyan and magenta will
emerge, allowing for more
color interactions.

This clock was one of
44 made to sell at Arizona
State University's 12th
Annual Visual Communication
Design Poster Show. Each
clock was designed to
represent the relationship
between time and a social
issue researched by each
of my classmates.